The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will require 50 longline vessels in the Gulf of Mexico to use special hooks designed to avoid catching bluefin tuna incidentally. The hook is thinner than usual and bends under the weight of bleufin, whose average size in the Gulf is 485 pounds. I hope this measure can work to conserve the spawning stock. How about in the Mediterranean, another spawning ground of Atlantic bluefin tuna?


Fishermen got angry with emission of nuclear polluted waters.
Representatives of Federation of fisheries cooperatives strongly protested Tokyo Electric Power Co.Ltd. (TEPCO) as it released waters polluted by radioactivity in the sea on April 4, without any advance notice to fishermen around the areas. TEPCO expressed apology, saying that release was an urgent resort to prevent explosion of the nucluear power plant.
Fishermen around the areas are obliged to cease fishing. I am afraid if consumers would not buy fish for some time even after safety is guarateed by the authorities.


Our President resigned on March 31 in order to devote to his duty as Chief of Headquarters to cope with damage to fisheries caused by Northern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. I feel as if our president was carried away suddenly by Tsunami. I expect he may do his best effort to reconstruct all sectors of fisheries devastated by the disaster. Police reported today that over 28,000 people were dead or missing as of now.