Excess fishing of bigeye tuna still prevails in the Western Central Pacific Ocean

The Wester n and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission strengthened the restrictive management measures for FADs operation by purse seine fisheries for next year by simply extending the closure period one month. Apparently, it did not follow the scientific recommendation to rectify the situation. Moreover, the most effective measures to stop excess fishing was not discussed at all in the meeting, according to observer who participated the meeting. Neither freezing nor reducing fishing capacity of large scale purse seine fishing vessels was put on the table of the discussion.

What is the meaning of the recommendation adopted in the joint meeting of tuna regional fisheries management organizations last July? Is it just a propaganda without any follow-up? Where have gone responsible advanced countries which supported the recommendation? Now, we only hope the multi-year recover y plan of bigeye tuna be established next year as declared and implemented, before it becomes too late.