Oct.10th is the Day for Tunas
“Oct.10th is the Day for Tunas.” This was established by Japan’s Tuna Industry in 1986 based on the old poem in Manyoshu (A Collection of Myriad Leave, the oldest existing anthology of poetry) compiled in Nara-era (A.D.710 to 794) in order to promote domestic consumption of sashimi grade tunas. The Day was buried because of the restructuring of the industry.

The industry is currently working on the revival of the Day in light of the fact that the fish demands are decreasing in Japan over all kinds of seafood including tunas.
When we look into the current excessive catch of major tuna species, I believe that it has a significant meaning to position “the Day for Tunas” from the global perspective as the day to promote cooperation among international society to ensure the sustainable use of the resource. How do you think about it?